1 BTC to $1 Million Cathie Wood -Doubles Down On Decade-long Bitcoin Price Prediction

1 BTC to $1 Million Cathie Wood Bitcoin is progressively speeding up the pace to meet the halfway point on its all-time high, which it recently passed after emerging from the t-zone of a turbulent 2022. If she were to recapture the title in 2023, it would be the most spectacular return of all underwater record holders, with the exception of Cathie Wood.

In her yearly public Bitcoin forecast, the self-styled founder, CEO, and Chief Investment Officer of ARK Investment LLC doubled back on her prediction that the cryptocurrency will reach $1 million before the turn of the decade. She also referred to herself as the Chief Investment Officer.

Cathie expressed hope that the cryptocurrency market would need to “fight test and go through crisis” in order to rebound back in November 2022, which is when the projection was made public as a result of an interview with Bloomberg. Since then, the value of one bitcoin has increased by almost $7,000.

Despite its seemingly lofty nature, Cathie’s unwavering commitment is based on some very basic principles. Ark Investment has recently released a publication titled Big Ideas 2023, in which they lay out the foundation for such an audacious guess. In this publication, they state that institutional investors are still optimally keen on the prospects of real profits from various forms of blockchain investment. In 2022, personalised investment offers were used as a means by which Fidelity, BNY Mellon, and BlackRock to strengthen their links to the cryptocurrency industry. 1 BTC to $1 Million Cathie Wood

The public blockchain is highlighted in the study as one of the five converging innovation platforms that define the contemporary technical sector. The remaining four are known as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics (Robots), Energy Storage (Energy Storage), and Multiomic Sequencing.

1 BTC to $1 Million Cathie Wood
1 BTC to $1 Million Cathie Wood

1 BTC to $1 Million Cathie Wood

Ark makes the observation that the compound yearly returns for the BTC stayed positive despite five successive drawdowns destroying an accumulated three-quarters of its value over the course of a 14-year span. This observation helps narrow down the plausibility of Bitcoin’s ascent.

In the period under consideration, hash rate activities also achieved record amounts of ATHs, which is indicative of an overall improvement in blockchain security. 1 BTC to $1 Million Cathie Wood 1 BTC to $1 Million Cathie Wood

The research indicated that Bitcoin’s fundamentals are better, post-2022 setback, in comparison to past years. The long-term holder supply index was 71.8%, and there were close to 43.5 Million non-zero-balance BTC accounts.

Cathie, who is positive on both $BTC and $COIN, took a jab at the troubled creator of FTX for his disdain of Bitcoin. Cathie is bullish on both cryptocurrencies. Comparing the decentralised and open-source nature of Bitcoin’s operation to the closed-door nature of FTX’s business model was one of her main points. According to her, “Bitcoin is still the best insurance policy” not only for the wealthy, who seek to protect their assets from the adverse effects of inflation, but also for “people living in emerging markets with hyperinflation [who] need a fallback option.” https://watchasiantaxi.com/2023/02/03/how-to-recover-formatted-files/ https://watchasiantaxi.com/2023/02/03/how-to-recover-formatted-files/

This is because “Bitcoin is still the best insurance policy

” for people who want to protect their assets from the adverse effects of inflation.

During the busiest part of this week’s market activity, the price of bitcoin made a short ascent beyond the $24,000 level before settling back into the region it has already reached. 1 BTC to $1 Million Cathie Wood

1 BTC to $1 Million Cathie Wood 1 BTC to $1 Million Cathie Wood

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