Latest Japan Cultural Camp 2023-Apply Now Fully Funded Opportunity

Latest Japan Cultural Camp 2023 Here is a promotion for the Winter Japan Cultural Camp in 2023. Now accepting applications for the Winter Japan Cultural Camp. This programme is accessible to all international applicants, regardless of their nationality or level of study. Let’s enjoy the springtime in Japan! Get to know the Japanese way of life. You have the opportunity to go and visit Osaka and Kyoto right away.

If candidates are unable to select from a fully funded category, they may still submit their applications for self-financed programmes since this opportunity is completely paid. Participants from all corners of the globe are welcome to join the Japanese Youth Exchange and Cultural Program! IELTS is optional. A Japanese visa can be applied for easily.

The Japanese Cultural Camp is held at AYFN, or ASEAN Youth.Latest Japan Cultural Camp 2023

Latest Japan Cultural Camp 2023
Latest Japan Cultural Camp 2023

Details Latest Japan Cultural Camp 2023

  • Japan’s Kyoto and Osaka
  • Organization hosting: AYFN
  • Timeframe: April 9–13, 2023
  • Financial Protection: Funded in Full
  • The deadline is December 31, 2022.Latest Japan Cultural Camp 2023

Financial Coverage

You can win a free trip to Japan through AYFN Academy. AYFN offers travel grants to selected applicants:Latest Japan Cultural Camp 2023

  • return airfare from the home nation’s capital to Osaka, Japan (economy class).
  • Japanese lodging is available in Osaka.Latest Japan Cultural Camp 2023
  • (Lunch and Breakfast) (Breakfast and Lunch)
  • Pick up (Kansai International Airport, Osaka)
  • All of the activities are listed on the schedule.
  • a tourist attraction’s entrance fee
  • local transportation (Train and Bus)
  • Certificate of electronic participation generated by AYFN Program management
  • 24-hour in-country volunteer help In-country administrative costs


  • 15 to 35 years of age.Latest Japan Cultural Camp 2023
  • All nationalities are welcomed.Latest Japan Cultural Camp 2023
  • Make the decision to participate in the programme to the fullest and be able to swiftly acclimatise to foreign cultures.
  • Writing prowess
  • excellent public speaking skills
  • understanding of social media (Instagram, TikTok)
  • It’s necessary to have two or more of these social networking accounts (Instagram or Facebook or Tik Tok or Youtube channel)
  • ready to record your involvement in the camp’s activities in writing and on social media.
  • possess a strong sense of leadership
  • English language proficiency Optimal physical and mental well-being


  • a resume, a curriculum vitae, or a cover letter
  • an explanation letter
  • brevity of the intro video (include personal information, family background, travel experiences, achievement, strengths, and weaknesses, etc). Upload to YouTube if you would. The video can be made unlisted.
  • E-membership Card for AYFN (if you are a member of AYFN)
  • one week before departure 5 days spent residing in Osaka, Japan, for Japanese language instruction
  • Studying and understanding Japanese culture directly
  • Experience in Spring Walking tour of the ancient places in Kyoto and Osaka
  • Certificate of participation from AYFN
  • Activities for cultural tours are available in Kyoto and Osaka, two well-known locations for Japanese culture.
  • Explore numerous fascinating locations in both Osaka and Kyoto, such as the Osaka Castle, the Gion District in Kyoto (home to geisha), the Namba neighbourhood, Arashiyama, etc.
  • Try genuine Japanese cuisine (sushi, udon, ramen, etc)
  • Explore Kyoto’s historical district by foot.
Accommodation and Meals during camp

Throughout the programme, participants will be accommodated in a hotel that satisfies excellent requirements. The hotel’s lodgings are first-rate and immaculate (3-star hotel and good location).

Men’s and women’s rooms are separate. To better understand Japanese culture and daily living, all campers will travel throughout the city on trains and buses.

How to Apply

Online applications are accepted. The online application URL will be used for all applicants.

  • Pay the selection charge, which is not refundable: PROMO!! (Till 15 December 2022). Free of charge to join AYFN.
  • USD 8 is a non-member of AYFN.
  • Following December 15, 2022, the standard selection charge is USD 20.
  • Please register here online! (Scholarship request)
  • Initial selection: documents and an application
  • (Shortlisted applicants) Second round: Interview
  • final statement
Latest Japan Cultural Camp 2023

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